Burn Rate & Runway

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Burn rate is one of the most critical metrics that any early-stage startup should be tracking. It shows the amount of cash leaving your company’s bank account each month.


Why You Are Tracking the Wrong Metrics For the Wrong Purpose

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Learn who should track what in your startup: vanity metrics, decision metrics, performance metrics, coincident metrics.

4 Essential Metrics for eCommerce Startups

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While the giants of the business world (Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba) are dominating the space, there is still room for a lot of growth when looking at the fact that 1.8 billion people have made purchases online in 2018—a number that is expected to grow to 2.14 billion in 2021.

4 Essential Metrics for SaaS Startups

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More and more companies are integrating SaaS tools to help with their processes, which means a lot of growth is forecasted for these types of startups. But knowing how to evaluate the health of a company means looking at the relevant metrics. Here is a list of essential metrics to keep track of when dealing with SaaS startups.

3 Essential Metrics for Marketplace Startups

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Some of the biggest players in the game, the unicorns that made it on every startups’ “when I grow up” list, are companies that have achieved success by creating platforms which ease transactions between two different sides. Amazon, Airbnb, eBay, Craigslist and Uber are a few examples of marketplaces that became giants in the industry. In Asia, marketplaces are some of the fastest-growing startups.