Why You Are Tracking the Wrong Metrics For the Wrong Purpose

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Learn who should track what in your startup: vanity metrics, decision metrics, performance metrics, coincident metrics.

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing: A Guide to Implementing OKRs and Building an Accountable Team

3 Comments30 Minutes

Build operational excellence, and define the right performance culture for your startup by using the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework. This article offers a practical way of implementing OKRs, based on my 20+ years of experience as a founder and on my many mistakes.

The Problem Statement Canvas for Startups and Innovation Teams

4 Comments21 Minutes

The real talent in all entrepreneurship—not only in tech startups—is finding the right problem, not building the right solution. In other words, it is vital to have the skills of Sherlock Holmes, not only those of Doc Brown. Discover our problem statement canvas for startups and innovation teams.

How to Create a Persona and an End User for Your Startup

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I know from personal experience how tempting it can be to skip over or rush through defining your end user and persona because you’re eager to finally develop the tech and change the world. With the risk of sounding like a broken record: don’t do it. Take the necessary time to do it properly.

Building a Bulletproof Startup: Business Model Canvas vs Lean Startup vs Disciplined Entrepreneurship

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Startups are anything but traditional businesses. That is why we’ve looked at various methodologies and frameworks, analyzed and compared them and found out the definite answer on which one is the best approach if you want to build a startup.