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Stickiness is the metric that measures the number of people that are highly engaged with a product. Highly engaged users are the ones that return time and time again to the platform.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

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Customer Acquisition Cost is the metric that measures the amount of money a company spends in order to bring in new customers. Keeping track of the CAC will give the founder a good view of the short and long-term profitability of the company, which is something that plays a key role in the decision-making process of an investor. This metric viewed in relation to LTV (Customer Lifetime Value) gives investors insights into what the return on investment looks like.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

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Monthly Recurring Revenue (also known as MRR) is the amount of recurring revenue subscription based businesses are making each month. Keeping an eye on the MRR helps founders forecast the company’s growth, model financial projections and understand present performance. It’s also a key metric that investors like to look at. Here is how to calculate it properly and benchmark it against similar companies.

Burn Rate & Runway

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Burn rate is one of the most critical metrics that any early-stage startup should be tracking. It shows the amount of cash leaving your company’s bank account each month.

choosing an investor

Choosing an investor beyond cash

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For a startup to succeed, more so in the case of those with first time founders, cash is only a small part of the recipe. You should keep in mind that choosing the right investor is just as important as building the right team. And remember this: it’s not about who has the biggest pockets. It’s about who has the right tools in those pockets.

profile of successful founders

Profile of Successful Founders and How to Spot Them Early On

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It is a common myth that most entrepreneurs who find success are young. Some of the most successful businesses today were founded by young, visionary entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. But is this phenomenon wide enough to be viewed as a pattern and create a universal profile of successful founders?

choosing startups to invest in

Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Startups to Invest in

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Any investment decision you make as a VC should rely on data. However, when it comes to the early stage of investing, data is hard to come by. And getting startups to track and report relevant metrics can be a challenge. Still, when it comes to choosing startups you invest in, even with little data there are certain pitfalls to avoid.

junior VCs

9 Mandatory Books for Junior VCs

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We’d love to tell you that there is an easy way to learn and understand the worlds of startups and investments. Truth is, we all learn by doing and reading and listening to others smarter than us. Here’s what we’ve found useful for junior VCs who are looking to start their investment careers.


Why You Are Tracking the Wrong Metrics For the Wrong Purpose

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Learn who should track what in your startup: vanity metrics, decision metrics, performance metrics, coincident metrics.

Genius NY

“We See Your Potential. We Don’t Care If It Takes Five Years”: A Conversation with Genius NY’s Rick Clonan

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When skill meets opportunity, an unusual accelerator is born: Genius NY. Rick Clonan takes us through the process of creating and keeping Genius NY one of the most successful accelerators you haven’t heard of.