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How easy can you find the right people at the right time?

We aggregate people, company, and job data from 20+ sources, then use AI to identify the ideal candidates who are likely to switch jobs soon.

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Why work with us

We fix your recruitment sourcing headaches

If you recruit top management, sales, or tech people, then you know how much time is wasted finding the right candidates.

Not enough candidate details

It's hard to find how much experience or skills a candidate has in a specific field, or if they are a good choice for a leadership role, or if they have experience in specific industries or client types.

Not the right time for a job change

The top candidates never display an #OpenToWork status on their profile. They already have a lot of offers on the table, so you waste a lot of time with recruitment if approaching them at the wrong time.

Not on LinkedIn

Many good professionals are not present on LinkedIn or hide their profiles from recruiters. However, they spend time in other professional communities but finding them requires a lot of searching.

Data and granular recruitment searches

More data and better searching

We aggregate data from 20+ sources, then use NLP and machine learning to extract useful insights.

We discover a lot more details about candidates from communities where professionals spend time (such as GitHub, GitLab, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, etc.). Then we build very granular search criteria to find the top 10% of talent for any position. Here are some examples:

Product professionals with 5+ years of leadership experience in tech startups that have not fundraised within the past 18 months, have current tenure of at least 1 year, and are working remotely in Europe or the Middle East.

Software engineers whose current position tenure is more than 80% of their average tenure, working in high-growth fintech companies, and have more than 5 years of Python experience, currently based in Europe or North America.

Senior sales executives with marketing skills and experience in B2B Saas funded startups with more than $10M estimated revenue, working in North America companies.

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Never a bad time!

Our AI knows the right time before the candidate does!

We've built proprietary algorithms and look at multiple data points to identify candidates that might be open to a career change.

Has it happened to you that your ideal candidate turned down your offer because they had just accepted another offer two weeks before?

We analyze the current tenure, average tenure from previous jobs, workplace attrition dynamics, and other company and market parameters, to identify with precision when the candidate is more likely to be open to a new conversation.

Data-driven profile of engineer open for hiring
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Add here the toughest candidate sourcing challenge you haven't solved yet. You can use natural language (be as specific as possible, you can include also a link to the job ad). Then, let our AI do the tough work instead of your recruiters!

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, we'd be more than happy to talk to you and see how we can help.

We take privacy very seriously. We have implemented the new requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO/GDPR) since 2021. We are an EU-registered company and have gone through internal training and audits of our processes. We collect all our data from public sources, where the users have chosen to share it publicly. If you are interested in learning more about how we protect the privacy of our customers, candidates, or profiles in the database, or what information is collected for what purpose, please check our privacy policy, terms and conditions of use, or simply get in touch with us with any questions.

We have flexible pricing, depending on the type of company, frequency, and the number of candidates. For some customers, we charge a success fee if the candidate is hired, or a fee per full candidate profile.