We help startup founders and CEOs create and manage their investor reports

From creating and configuring, to integrations and automation, to insights and hands-on advice.

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Over the past twenty years, our team members have worked with hundreds of startups, investors, accelerators, and corporate innovators. We build tools, processes, and we coach product, sales, and growth teams worldwide.

Who we are

Serial founders. Coaches. Doers.

Marius Ursache

A former doctor, Marius is a teaching fellow at MIT, an EIR with Techstars and Singularity University, and a serial entrepreneur, having founded four companies, an NGO, and a music festival. He is obsessed with process and data-driven decision-making and investing. His problem statement framework is taught at MIT Sloan and Harvard Kennedy School.

Vlad Bodi

An engineer by education, Vlad has dedicated the past 10 years to data driven sales & marketing, sales & marketing automation. He has worked with financial corporations and early stage SaaS, eCommerce and marketplace startups in US, EU, and LATAM, developing shareholder, board room and investor report automations.

What we do

We help you create your investor reports and manage investor updates

We work directly with founders and CEOs of tech startups to understand how to choose, collect, and analyze data. Then we set up their reporting structure, integrate data sources, create investor reports ready for distribution, and provide additional insights for your board meetings.

We also assist venture capital firms and accelerators with configuring detailed reporting for their portfolio startups—to get data for portfolio decisions, LP reporting, and board meetings.

Our process

How we work with founders & CEOs

Step 1

We review your company’s exit strategy, business model, market insights, current reporting, data sources, integrations. Then, we define a customized approach for the next steps.

Step 2

We analyze your data sources and quality, then propose an improved reporting structure. We work together with your tech team to configure an automated data collection and reporting system and set up a metrics warehouse.

Step 3

Every month we review the metrics, create your investor and team report, provide annotations, identify topics that need more development, and help create the supporting materials.

Step 4

Together with the founder or CEO we discuss the report and insights, then update the report, annotations, and supporting materials, to be ready for distribution to investors.

Our results

What we can deliver

Sales performance

Custom reports that show your sales performance. We work together to develop in depth MRR/ARR and one time revenues, channel performance, sales rep performance, pipeline and conversion rates performance.

Marketing performance

Custom reports that track channel attribution, lead generation and user acquisition performance. We develop insights into cost efficiency per lead/client, individual marketing channel performance or channel conversion.

Financial performance

We work with the Founder / CFO to develop investor ready reports for business plans, financial forecasts, P&Ls and business performance reports.

Operational performance

Custom reports focused on operational metrics. We help founders develop their operational OKRs and report insights to investors into the business operations, from HR to Tech, Product and Impact.


Retainer packages

We will work with you to ensure your reporting is always on time and gives you relevant insights. Your data collection and management processes will support a data-driven, results-only culture across your organization.


Prepare for fundraising
€200per month*
  • ✔️ 1 monthly review call
  • ✔️ Product report (5 metrics)
  • ✔️ Financial report (P&L, cash)

Series A+

Management & shareholder reporting
€800per month*
  • ✔️ 4 monthly review calls
  • ✔️ Product report (15 metrics)
  • ✔️ Financial report (cash, P&L, projections)
  • ✔️ Sales performance report (10 metrics)
  • ✔️ Marketing performance report (10 metrics)
  • ✔️ OKR report (3 metrics)

* Our monthly fee is to work with you on maintaining the reporting system and helping you make sense of the information provided by the reports. We will also lead the preparation of the fundraising documentation, data room, board meetings or management meetings and guide you to present the data and lead the conversation towards decisions.

** As part of the setup project we will define the tools, data, and processes that will build the base on top of which your reporting structure can grow and become automated. This is one-time cost that varies depending on the data you already have and the specifics of your business model. Once the setup project is complete you will have a reporting system (tools, processes, and visuals) that works round the clock.

"I have been working with the Metabeta co-founders for the past five years. They have developed our KPIs reports, both for our business side (SaaS and marketplace) and for our corporate needs (investors and strategic partners). Altogether, they automatized all our product events into different reports. For my position as CEO of the company, having such powerful reports has helped me be much more efficient and save valuable time. We now have a clear view of what is going on in our business in all areas and take decisions based on real numbers."

Alvaro Noaín Larrinaga, CEO at Bepretty, the largest beauty marketplace in Latam

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