Automated venture capital portfolio reporting

Streamlined data collection from your portfolio companies giving you real-time, audited reports which can be used for decisions, new investments, LP reporting and more.

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How does it work?

Single source of truth

You can invite all your portfolio companies to your Metabeta investor account (it’s 100% free for companies).

Your dashboard gives you access to a full overview of your portfolio, as well as of each portfolio company.

Painless onboarding

We know it’s difficult to ask your companies to adapt their reporting to suit your needs.

That’s why built a simple and beautiful experience to set up each company in under 10 minutes.

Real-time, accurate data

We remove the friction in collecting data by bringing it straight from the accounting and analytics platforms.

Where integrations are not possible yet, we can help you with a manual data entry service.

Automated, scheduled updates

You can define custom investor update templates and schedule them on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

The startup companies in your portfolio are always reminded of due or overdue updates to keep you up to date.

Beautiful visualizations and exports

Our charts, tables, and reports are designed to give you the right insights to help you master your investments.

You can export all data with our Google Sheets and Excel integrations for further analysis and reporting.

Data access managed by founders

Founders have full control over how and what data is shared with their investors and board members. They can share information at a granular level with any stakeholder within minutes.

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The Metabeta co-founders have developed an automated reporting solution that helped us report instantly to all investors in our cap table. This not only simplified my investor and board meeting reporting but as CEO of the company, having such powerful reports has helped me make much better decisions.

Alvaro Noaín Larrinaga,
CEO and co-founder Bepretty
(the largest B2B beauty marketplace in LatAm)