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Track your competition to stay ahead!

Add your competitors to discover, track, and share details with your team on their product or business movements. We deliver key data points and signals that help startup founders better navigate competition.

Business intelligence

Get notified when a competitor signs a new partnership or a new client.

Product intelligence

Find out when a competitor launches a new product or integrates a new technology.

HR intelligence

Updates when your competitors have open positions, hire or lose top level people or increase / decrease headcount.

Be ready to fundraise

Some of the most important questions in the fundraising process are about the market and competitors. By knowing all the recent events, you can easily prove that you're at the top of your game and that you master your competitive advantages.


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Here's what you can track

We're using a combination of scraping tools, manual research, and machine learning to identify signals and relevant data points about your competition:

Profile data

  • Company details and metrics.
  • Founders’ names and profiles.
  • Web, social & contact data.
  • Investments & acquisitions.
  • Industry & market details.
  • Investors, partners, other connections


  • Human resources (job posts, hires, leaves, headcount).
  • Business (new partnership, clients).
  • Product (launches, technologies, integrations).
  • Financial (fundraising, acquisitions, investments).
  • Operational (opens offices, closes offices).

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