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Everything you need to put startup tracking on autopilot

Discover, track, annotate, and deliver important information to your investment teams. We deliver key data points and growth signals that help investors keep track of investments easier than ever.

Business intelligence

Get notified when a company signs a new partnership or a new client.

Product intelligence

Find out when a company launches a new product or integrates a new technology.

HR intelligence

Updates when your companies have open positions, hire or lose top level people or increase / decrease headcount.

Competitive insights at scale

Aggregate tracking and monitor all startup signals in one place. Switch or match lists, tags and companies as you wish to have the right insights.

Tracking segmentation

Annotate custom fields with your own information. Organize tracked entities with lists, use tags to map out your processes and categorize better.

Sync with your systems (coming soon)

Export data in CSVs or integrate with our API to get information straight into your internal systems

All major news and signals. Centralized. Personalized.

Monitor, analyze and execute on a variety of company signals with ease..


companies tracked


signals & data points


connections identified

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What do you get?

We're using a combination of scraping tools, manual research, and machine learning to identify signals and relevant data points.

Profile data

  • Company details and metrics.
  • Founders’ names and profiles.
  • Web, social & contact data.
  • Investments & acquisitions.
  • Industry & market details.
  • Investors, partners, other connections


  • Human resources (job posts, hires, leaves, headcount).
  • Business (new partnership, clients).
  • Product (launches, technologies, integrations).
  • Financial (fundraising, acquisitions, investments).
  • Operational (opens offices, closes offices).

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