Automate data collection from portfolio companies

Startup connects their finance, CRM, marketing systems with their Metabeta account. We retrieve, standardize, and transform their data. Investors and stakeholder get real-time update reports.

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Early stage clients help us with feedback, prioritize the product features and testing in exchange for special pricing.

Connecting VCs with audited startup data

Metrics & Reports

Scheduled reports ensure that you keep up to date with your startups, using custom-defined report templates on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Automated reporting

Metrics tracking keeps you and your startups focused on key metrics, while having a clear overview of growth and a historical track record. Realtime insights

Access groups let startups share updates in real-time with selected stakeholders (advisors, investors, board members), while having full control over who sees what. Ease founder adoption

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What we do

We bring founders, investors and advisors together through a platform that focuses on collaborating faster and smarter.

Startup founders

Investment analysts

Fund partners

Due diligence partners

Let's work together to ensure your venture capital teams focus on growing the startup portfolio instead of managing scattered data and chasing founder updates!

Full feature list

Collect data. Analyze insights. Manage documentation. Evaluate new deals. Connect founders with support staff.

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