Venture capital deal flow management tool

Evaluate new startups, track metrics and progress and create a digital network of mentors and support for your portfolio companies.

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We bring startup stakeholders together and give them an venture capital management software to collaborate faster and smarter.

Startup founders

Investment analysts

Fund partners

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Modules available in Metabeta accelerator management software

Dealflow CRM for Venture Capital Teams

Specialized pipeline built for startup focused investment funds, standard investment brief formats, email automations, deck and video attachments, and more.

Messaging features let your team communicate and store all conversations with startups in one place, but also add private notes visible only to your staff.

Collaborative dilligence process lets you invite external reviewers or experts to evaluate deals using a set of weighted criteria, in line with your investment thesis.

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portfolio management for accelerators

Metrics & Reports

Scheduled reports ensure that you keep up to date with your startups, using custom-defined report templates on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Metrics tracking Coming soon keeps you and your startups focused on key metrics, while having a clear overview of growth and a historical track record.

Access groups let startups share updates in real-time with whomever they wish (advisors, investors, board members), while having full control over who sees what.

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Mentor engagement

Mentor pool keeps all your mentors and experts in one place, from where you can add them to individual programs.

Mentor matching allows mentors and startups to discover and request to be connected with each other, while giving you full control over the final matching.

Session scheduling and feedback offers a high-level overview of how the mentoring process works and lets you see average ratings and feedback for each mentor or startup.

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