Full-Stack Marketer

Experience: 5+ years • Salary: €12–24KLocation: Remote • Type: Full-time

Metabeta is a data platform for investors, corporates, and startups. We help by providing signals and competitive intelligence to drive better decisions using data, not only gut feeling. We are a small distributed team (Romania, Chile, Poland, and Pakistan). Our founders, Marius and Vlad are serial entrepreneurs and have worked and taught at MIT, Singularity University, Techstars, and Startup Chile. In 2021, we raised a seed round to build the leading data intelligence platform for tech investments.

What we look for

As a knowledgeable and experienced full-stack marketer you will help with marketing strategy, lead generation, branding, and growth. , and product/community growth. our go-to-market strategy, sales execution, and product growth. This is the perfect role for someone who is passionate about people and sales, has a growth mindset, and wants to work in a results-driven team. The position is remote and can be done from anywhere, but the majority of our customers are in Europe and North America. Here are some of the requirements:

  • At least 5 years of experience in digital marketing.
  • Have a good understanding of SaaS marketing models, as well as previous experience across different marketing roles, building strategies, and implementing them hands-on.
  • Proven expertise in growth hacking, viral mechanics, inbound/outbound lead acquisition, CTR/CRO optimizations, A/B testing, and SEO/SEM will be areas that you will cover.
  • A good understanding of how the investment ecosystem works (fundraising and investing, mostly) is critical.
  • Excellent command of English (spoken/written) because we target international clients.
  • Previous experience in the VC/PE world is a big plus!
  • Other things that we value are critical thinking, ownership, and team play. Also, you don’t take yourself too seriously, hopefully.


  • Marketing strategy. You will define digital marketing strategies for our products and be able to quickly adapt them based on market feedback & KPIs.
  • Go-to-market execution. You will define budgets by channel, design and launch go-to-market campaigns, test organic and paid channels, review analytics and marketing performance data, optimize the funnels, and adapt tactics and tools to increase revenue.
  • Team collaboration: You will work with the sales and product teams to ensure that we deliver what clients need at high standards of quality. You will be able to influence the product strategy and roadmap.
  • Growth and development: You will need to learn fast and continue improving as an individual, and helping the rest of the team grow. Our feedback is straightforward without sugarcoating and we expect the same in order to continue improving.

Your first 90 days

In the first week, expect to:

  • Be onboarded into Metabeta.
  • Receive access to the tools that we use.
  • Get to know the rest of the team.
  • Learn about our value proposition, story, processes, and goals.
  • Get familiar with the industry specifics.
  • Learn about our products and customers.
  • Understand our sales and marketing model, process, and tools.
  • Watch the first season of the “Silicon Valley” TV show.

In the first month, expect to:

  • Set your OKRs (objectives and key results) and activity metrics.
  • Learn how we use Hubspot, Sendinblue, and other tools.
  • Understand personas/ICPs and current/follow-on market segmentation.
  • Shadow a few sales calls to understand customer concerns and mindset.
  • Review and improve our previous marketing work, funnels, landing pages, and other assets.
  • Do a full competitor review.
  • Learn how to analyze industry drivers, business problems, and specific needs.
  • Watch the first season of the “Billions” TV series.

In the first three months, expect to:

  • Get full speed as a full-stack marketer.
  • Refine your activity metrics and outcomes.
  • Launch several marketing campaigns and discover new methods to improve marketing ROI and revenue.
  • Hit your activity metrics and fully ramped objectives.
  • Become proficient in using our tool stack.
  • Maintain excellent data integrity in Hubspot.

After the first three months, expect to:

  • Continuously hit quotas and objectives.
  • Assist with training and onboarding marketing contractors or new team members.
  • Work closely with sales and products to find new ways to grow.
  • Implement and experiment with new lead and demand generation activities.

What we offer

Here’s what we don’t offer: fancy Xbox or Playstation games, team buildings, gym subscriptions, or all sorts of corporate perks.

And here’s the list of what we do:

  • A fair salary and share options. So you don’t have to worry about money and can focus on growing our company and learning.
  • A meaningful thing to work on. It’s a tough mission to change an industry that has not changed much, but we love the impossible.
  • A great team. We are no superheroes, but good people who share their knowledge but are also eager to learn from and with you.
  • Flexibility (schedule, location, approach) and a results-only work environment.

How to apply

First, record a short video using Loom, replying to the questions below. The video should be less than five minutes long.

  • What was your biggest marketing success?
  • What was your biggest marketing fuck-up and how did you fix it?
  • What performance metrics were you evaluated on in your last two marketing positions? How did you perform?
  • Why do you think you qualify as a full-stack marketer?
  • Why do you want to change jobs now and what are your financial expectations?

Then, fill in the following details (paste the Loom video URL in the appropriate field as well):