Full-StackJavaScript Engineer

Type: Full-time or project-based • Location: Iași, Romania/remoteTech stack: MEVN • Experience: 5+ years • English: fluent

We’re looking for an amazing JavaScript engineer. Amazing as in passionate, with good ideas, open-minded, a bit crazy, and willing to teach us how to be better at what we do—while, of course, helping build our product.

Who we are

We’re a small distributed team (Romania, Spain, India, Pakistan). Our founders have worked with MIT, Singularity University, Techstars, Startup Chile], and other top accelerators and investors.

We are building Metabeta, a software platform that matches startups with investors and accelerators, then helps them manage the relationship (reporting metrics, investor updates, managing introductions, etc.). We launched in January 2019 and are growing, developing new features for accelerators and VCs.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a builder and API fanatic. While we don’t evangelize specific stacks, we have an API-first approach (write, test, and document the API before anything else), we work using a pseudo-SCRUM process not only for development, but also for the business and design sprints.

Our platform is built using the MEVN stack, so you should be proficient and have experience in building with Node.js, Express, Vue.js, MongoDB on AWS Cloud. Of course, deep knowledge of JavaScript asynchronous design patterns, CPS are required, as well as understanding how to build scalable UI component systems. We are fanatics about structure, modularization and generally non-dumb approaches (to avoid other fancy names).

It goes beyond saying that you should be fluent in English, beyond knowing how to write code. Machine learning and data-science would be a really good thing for the future.

What we offer

First of all, a project that has the potential of great impact, so you will work on something meaningful.

Second, a team of pros that have worked with MIT, Techstars, Singularity University, Startup Chile, and many other top organizations in this field. We are no superheroes, but nice people who share their knowledge but are also eager to learn.

Third (just in case you were wondering), a salary and (if we end up working full-time) share options.

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