choosing startups to invest in

Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Startups to Invest in

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Any investment decision you make as a VC should rely on data. However, when it comes to the early stage of investing, data is hard to come by. And getting startups to track and report relevant metrics can be a challenge. Still, when it comes to choosing startups you invest in, even with little data there are certain pitfalls to avoid.

junior VCs

9 Mandatory Books for Junior VCs

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We’d love to tell you that there is an easy way to learn and understand the worlds of startups and investments. Truth is, we all learn by doing and reading and listening to others smarter than us. Here’s what we’ve found useful for junior VCs who are looking to start their investment careers.


Why You Are Tracking the Wrong Metrics For the Wrong Purpose

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Learn who should track what in your startup: vanity metrics, decision metrics, performance metrics, coincident metrics.

Genius NY

“We See Your Potential. We Don’t Care If It Takes Five Years”: A Conversation with Genius NY’s Rick Clonan

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When skill meets opportunity, an unusual accelerator is born: Genius NY. Rick Clonan takes us through the process of creating and keeping Genius NY one of the most successful accelerators you haven’t heard of.

Prioritize Your Understanding Of Data: A Startup Founder’s Guide To Automate Data Collection and Reporting

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Over the past years I have been focused on understanding how data can help a startup reach the growth phase, and support growth and scalability once it got there. It is a trend nowadays when every startup speaks of data-driven processes, but for many as I discovered this is merely plug and play external tools into their regular channels and dive into predefined reports.

Podcasts for Startup Founders

11 Podcasts for Startup Founders

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How do you manage your business and grow as a founder when your time is spread so thin? A good solution we found are podcasts. They are one of the best ways you can keep up to date with the latest trends, strategies, tactics, and a great way to get to know how investors think and how other startups approach challenges.

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing: A Guide to Implementing OKRs and Building an Accountable Team

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Build operational excellence, and define the right performance culture for your startup by using the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework. This article offers a practical way of implementing OKRs, based on my 20+ years of experience as a founder and on my many mistakes.

tools for automating

Starter Kit for Startups Looking to Automate Operations

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If you were building just another business your life would probably be much simpler. But building a startup takes some serious investment especially when it comes to energy. Our experience has shown us that most teams spend time with repetitive tasks that could be easily automated. Such tasks range from marketing and sales to human resources and project management. We hope this material will help you automate your workflow and integrate your efforts toward one goal: making your startups successful.

tools for startups

Starter Kit for Startups Looking to Automate Marketing and Sales

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If you’ve postponed important things because of small repetitive tasks for the fifth time this week, it might be time to look into some automation tools for startups who want to make the most of their human, time and financial resources. We have gathered a list of the most commonly used platforms that can help you take your mind off the small stuff and back to the growing your business part.

deal flow automation

Deal Flow Automation For Startup Investments?

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Can we do deal flow automation in the current environment, and where are the main challenges? Technology is available but can it be used efficiently?